“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” - Walt Disney

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” - Walt Disney

Rallying is about super organized processes and science with an element of risk. The adrenaline rush that is there in this sport does not fail to captivate the young and the old. Motorsports requires presence of mind, humility and perseverance to be one of the best in the circuit.

Exciting and almost extreme rallying was always thought to be a rich man’s sport. But it is not so anymore!!! Rally Maestro is here to bring the sport to everyone with a passion for speed and adventure.

The glory that you can achieve here is immeasurable. The sound of the roaring engine is tantalizing to the ones with a yeaning for it. The amazing jumps, race against time in extreme conditions, real palpable risk are all a part of this glorious sport.
Motorsports is about facing the unknown. Drivers don’t know what’s coming on the next turn, he should posses strong skills to adapt to the unexpected. Rally Masetro is here to help you hone skills that a real driver needs, to be in the race. The strong combination of experience and passion to teach the art of rallying is the driving force behind the creation of Rally Maestro.

Kamaljit Virdi a seasoned racer, a recognized name in the rallying circuit, has launched Rally Maestro for the art of racing, rallying, Karting, Simulators across the Motorsporting spectrum.

​The team is committed to quality and integrity while partnering with you to achieve your goals in the Motorsports arena.

Co-Founders and Partners

Harjinder Kaur Virdi

Harjinder Kaur Virdi

Harjinder Kaur Virdi is a post graduate in Commerce and CMA (CERTIFIED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT) with 10+ years of experience in Accounting and administration for companies like Oswal Group and Kross Manufacturers.

She joined Rally Maestro setting up the standing operation procedures and developed back office support systems. Her love for cars, her keen interest in the business and grit, enabled her to break into a hitherto male bastion. She is responsible for the overall direction of the company.

When not busy working with her team, Harjinder can be found deep in a book, listening to music or cooking.
Kamaljit Singh Virdi

Kamaljit Singh Virdi

Kamaljit Singh Virdi has a deep desire to build a professional Racing consultancy company that could help everyone have access to fulfill their desire of becoming a professional race driver. Also, produce good racers from India.

Armed with Many Indian National Rally Championship, rewarded with the name in the “Limca Book of Records – National Record” for All India Car Expedition in a Fiat Padmini according to the route set by “Limca Book of Records”- 15,179 kms in 19 days, 19hrs and 5 mins, non-stop driving in a Suzuki car from Delhi to Kankarbitta in Nepal covering 2,286 kms in 26 hrs and 03 mins to name a few and dreams of building a professionally run company, he set out to achieve his goals. Under the stewardship of Kamaljit Singh Virdi, Rally Maestro becomes a valued name in the Racing Industry.

Chief Head Automobile

Manoj Tanwar

Manoj Tanwar’s love for cars made his start his career at a very young age of 17. He has completed many rallies in the gypsy class including the Desert and the Himalaya. He has a vast experience and knows a car like the back of his hand. He himself being a seasoned rallier, knows what a rally car needs and what the car goes through in a rally. He is an expert in preparing cars for rallies and specializes in Gypsies. A known name in the Indian rally arena has gained respect across. He has a specialized team of mechanics for servicing and making the car rally ready for cars taking part in the Desert and the Himalaya.